BluBØX is Unified Everywhere.

Unified applications do a better job of providing security and at less cost. Unlike a system made up of disparate silo applications, unified systems let you share information across multiple applications enabling you to respond quickly and effectively. But this is where client-server unified platforms end and BluBØX continues.

Explore the Benefits

Unified everywhere.

Unified Everywhere means our Web-Cloud applications provide the benefits of unification no matter where you are or what device you have.  We utilize one database across all applications to keep your data clean and events synchronized to the same time clock.  We provide one interface for all applications which makes the system easy to learn and use.  This is Unified Everywhere.  Experience the difference today.

Out-of-the-BØX unified.

Integrated application silos are like a house of cards. The cost to integrate is just the starting point of endless headaches. With BluBØX, Unified is One. And done. There is nothing to integrate as the system has been built fully integrated with expanding capabilities and seamless upgrades so you can rely on your security needs always.

End-to-end security.

Unified end-to-end security is the future. Choose BluBØX as your only security system manufacturer and get one product for all your security needs. Your hardware will always be integrated and the software is always improving through automatic software releases. Your initial and total cost of ownership will always be less than integrating silo applications.

Web-cloud applications.

Are you limited to accessing your security system to your local network? With BluBØX, you are unified on AND off your network and can use any mobile device everywhere. There is no software, installation or maintenance required, just login with your device and browser of choice.

One common database.

Don’t get stuck working with silos that can create a dysfunctional security system. Having multiple databases brings you redundant data entry and more administration causing misalignment over time. With BluBØX, you get a single unified database across all of our security applications. There is less data entry, less administration which means the same clock for all of your events and clean data goes as good data goes out.

One user experience.

BluBØX is a single, user-friendly interface. With 100% system functionality across all devices, spend less time training and more time tracking your physical security needs with an easy to learn and better user experience platform.