Upgrade your physical security with BluBØX’s advanced BluSKY AI. Our AI seamlessly integrates with your security systems, using automation, big data analytics, self-learning, and adaptive rule-based decisions for efficient, consistent, and intelligent security solutions.

With BluSKY AI, you get real-time situational awareness and mobile smart control, instantly identifying and eliminating potential risks. It continuously analyzes data from your security systems, determining if action is needed, whether it’s notifying someone or controlling events automatically. Wherever you are, BluSKY AI has you covered.

Our system captures real-time data from local BluBØX security systems, user database changes, configurations, and operator activities, providing up-to-date and accurate information. Our adaptive analytics tailor intelligence to specific applications, offering the most valuable insights.

In summary, BluSKY AI combines automation, big data analytics, self-learning, and adaptive rule-based decisions for consistent, efficient security and real-time control. Try BluSKY AI today to elevate your physical security.

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Smart Systems are being built all around us. Why should physical security be any different?

BluSKY Intelligent analytics

The next generation of sensors and informational analytics is at the heart of delivering BluBØX’s unique capabilities in situational awareness and the resulting rule-based decisions. Always on. Always working. BluBØX Intelligent Analytics discovers patterns in your data that are difficult to detect – then distills, summarizes and reports them as digestible and actionable intelligence. BluBØX Intelligent Analytics are hierarchical in nature, fusing data from widely distributed nodes, to deliver the highest levels of performance, awareness, and control.

  • Uses Big Data to create Big Analytics
  • Detects, characterizes and reports unusual events
  • Employs automated pattern recognition
  • Determines correlations and trends
  • Provides meta-data reports
  • Fuses data within and across applications
  • Displays interactive dashboards and dashlets

Situational awareness

Awareness is two-fold. Internally, it allows the system to respond to the current situation as required. And externally, it supplies the user with an integrated situational summary, using textual and graphical descriptors of what is going on in the designated area of interest and at the requested level of detail. Ultimately an end user is interested in what is going on in and around their facility of interest – not the real-time details. Cameras, readers and alarms are just sensors that provide good measurements. Inundating users with countless video and event data streams is inefficient and impossible for people to process. Instead, we boil down all the data into information and knowledge using analytics. It is then packaged, formatted and distributed to either the internal or external user.

  • Access summary situational awareness reports
  • Observe real-time situational awareness details
  • Simple descriptive text, numbers and visualizations

Rule-based decisions,
real-time execution

All requested system conditions, either externally or internally generated, prompt the necessary actions through the BluBØX Rule-Based Decision Process employing Expert Systems, Neural Nets, and Fuzzy Logic as appropriate. Directed actions could range from unlocking an access portal, to Status Report generation and delivery, to new person enrollment, to system re-configuration… all checked to insure accuracy and completion… from anywhere… at any time… with any device.

  • Plain text rules and associated actions
  • Bayesian Inference Engine reacts real-time to varying input data
  • Leverage Intelligent Analytics in decisions
  • Use software to implement security policy

Self-learning, self-assessing, and self-adapting security

BluBØX learns from your system’s data and improves its performance over time. It finds patterns, detects anomalies, adapts its structure, processes and self-assesses performance to create and maintain a more secure environment.

  • Self-Improving
  • Self-Configuring
  • Self-Monitoring
  • Self Assessing
  • Self-Healing
  • Self-Documenting

Automated consistency

BluBØX automation is designed to efficiently minimize definable and repetitive tasks. It is woven into every aspect of the security system, saving time, labor and improving quality, accuracy and consistency through a web based user-friendly interface. The result – a security system that is fast, efficient and trusted.

  • Automate set-up and configurations
  • Receive notifications and reminders
  • Automate information distribution
  • Receive automated reports
  • Set-up repetitive tasks
  • Create system documentation automatically
  • Automate fault tolerance

The Building Oracle

Talk to your building: a groundbreaking, all-knowing AI powered by BluBØX’s BluSKY platform, designed to transform your interaction with buildings into a seamless, intuitive dialogue. Imagine communicating directly with your building – asking questions, issuing commands, and receiving real-time updates through natural, human-friendly interactions. The Building Oracle makes this dream a reality, revolutionizing building management with its advanced AI capabilities. It’s not just an interface; it’s your building’s voice, ready to assist you with analytics, insights, and control like never before.

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  • Human User Interface: Interact with your building using text or voice, receiving answers and insights in natural language.
  • Comprehensive Analytics: Access detailed charts, graphs, and reports to understand your building’s performance and trends.
  • Predictive Intelligence: Benefit from predictive insights on future outcomes based on comprehensive data analysis.
  • Unified Data Lake Integration: Seamlessly integrate various data types and sources for a holistic understanding of your building’s operations.
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Configuration: Ensure optimal system performance with automated monitoring and configuration adjustments.
  • Versatile Command Capability: Effortlessly add visitors, adjust access, and manage building systems through simple commands.

BluSKY Data Lake

BluSKY Data Lakes serve as the foundational technology for sophisticated AI-driven security and facility management. By aggregating all forms of data—from videos and photos to documents and analytics reports—into a centralized, searchable, and highly organized system, BluSKY enables unparalleled efficiency and intelligence. Our data lakes are not just storage solutions; they are comprehensive learning systems that adapt and evolve to meet the dynamic needs of your facilities.

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  • Centralized Data Management: Simplify data oversight with all-inclusize storage solutions.
  • AI Integration: Utilize built-in AI to learn from data and anticipate needs.
  • Advanced Search Capabilities: With advanced indexing techniques, our data lakes allow you to perform content-based searches across various data types. This means faster retrieval and less time sifting through irrelevant information, enhancing your operational efficiency.
  • Scalable Architecture: Our data lakes are designed to scale with your business needs, accommodating increasing amounts of data without performance hiccups. This scalabilitty ensures that as you enterprise grows, your data management capabilities grow with it.
  • Secure Data Handling: We prioritize your data’s security with state-of-the-art encryption and compliance with leading privacy standards. BluSKY’s data lakes ensure that your sensitive information remains protected against both internal and external threats.
  • Natural Language Processing: BluSKY data lakes support natural language processing, allowing users to interact with the system in everyday language. Ask questions, command actions, and get the results through a conversational interface that simplifies your interactions with technology.