September 21, 2023

TransAmerica Pyramid to install Person Reader turnstiles

News | Person Reader

Exciting news from the heart of San Francisco! The iconic TransAmerica Pyramid is getting a state-of-the-art upgrade with our all-in-one BluB0X Person Readers integrated seamlessly with Gunnebo turnstiles and OTIS Destination Dispatch elevators. 

This remarkable collaboration is another milestone in the illustrious SHVO project portfolio. What does this mean for tenants? An elevator experience that not only feels faster but truly gets you to your destination more efficiently. It’s not just about reaching a floor – it’s about elevating the tenant experience to unparalleled heights. Its about giving your tenants and visitors the flexibility to choose hands free appearance recognition, an Apple or Google Wallet mobile credential or the tried and true proximity card.  

Seamless integration is the key to enhanced security and efficiency in today’s modern infrastructure. Our recent project at the iconic TransAmerica Pyramid in San Francisco stands as a testament to this philosophy. 

Combining our all-in-one BluB0X Person Readers with Gunnebo turnstiles and OTIS Destination Dispatch elevators, we’ve showcased the RIGHT way to incorporate security, turnstiles, and destination dispatch in a harmonious, efficient, and user-friendly manner. 

When systems work together seamlessly, we not only ensure heightened security but also provide an unparalleled experience for tenants and visitors alike. This isn’t just about hardware and technology; it’s about crafting an ecosystem that prioritizes safety, convenience, and elegance. 

Innovation at Its Peak: Elevating the Access, Turnstile, and Elevator Experience! 

Excited to highlight the unique features and benefits of our integrated solution:

 Efficiency Perfected: Our solution reduces ghost calls, making elevators 25% more efficient. Instead of wait time, we’ve transformed it into walk time. By dispatching at the turnstile, each user gets one destination call, ensuring optimal and efficient elevator performance. This design eliminates unnecessary elevator stops when the car is already full, optimizing overall efficiency.

Smart User Recognition: Have something in your hands at the turnstiles? No worries! Our appearance recognition tech makes turnstile access a breeze. Frequently travelling to the same floor? BluSKY AI has got you covered. It’ll automatically assign your regular floor, but if you’re a traveler to different floors, it’ll smartly prompt you for your destination. This precision ensures minimal ghost calls and an unmatched user experience.

Choose Your Credential: With the Person Reader, users get the flexibility to choose their preferred credential. Whether it’s the most convenient, accessible, or simply what they’re comfortable with. Visitors can effortlessly utilize Apple or Google wallet QR codes for access.

Enhanced Security: Our system ensures only authorized individuals gain access, offering a comprehensive security solution that’s not just efficient but also incredibly convenient.

Join us as we continue setting the benchmark for integrated security solutions. Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for being part of our journey!