April 25, 2024

Case Study: Iconic SF Property

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Installation Summary:

–  BluSKY Security and Facility Management Platform
–  AI Building Oracle with Natural Language Interface
–  DIY Identity Management, Analytics and Reporting
–  Person Readers with Integrated DDE in Turnstiles, Lobby, Parking, and Upper Floors
–  BluSKY Elevator Management and OTIS Destination Dispatch Integration
–  BluSKY Video Management and Analytics 
–  126 Camera Sensors and Cloud Based Recording
–  BluB0X’s Visitor & Vendor Management with Apple and Google Wallet QR Codes
–  BluPOINT Beacons and BluREMOTE Mobile Door, Elevator, and Turnstile Control
–  BluB0X’s Alarm and Intrusion
–  8x Gunnebo Turnstiles with Integrated Person Readers and DDE Floor Selection
–  BluSKY Communication, SIP-based Voice, Video, Text Door and Elevator Intercoms
–  Tenant Engagement App Integration
–  BluID Mobile Credentials including Apple and Google Wallet Credentials
–  3rd Party Integrations
–  Credential Compatibility with Tenant Systems

In an ambitious endeavor to rejuvenate an iconic edifice, our comprehensive case study outlines the transformative journey enabled by BluB0X’s advanced security and facility management system. The primary objectives set forth for this landmark project were multifaceted, aimed at restoring the building’s historic allure while redefining it as a beacon for contemporary tenancy. Central to our mission was the enhancement of every facet of tenant interaction, anchoring on a foundation of technology-led services, state-of-the-art amenities, and a frictionless user experience.

Facing the complexity of a complete overhaul within a constrained timeline, the project presented a series of formidable challenges. Key among these was the imperative to educate both tenants and staff comprehensively, ensuring a smooth transition to the new systems and protocols. Security measures necessitated a holistic approach, initiating the establishment of an integrated Security Operations Center (SOC) that would serve as the nerve center for the building’s safety and security operations.

The implementation of BluB0X’s cutting-edge integrated security platform marked a significant milestone, facilitating a complete reissue of building credentials with a shift towards mobile access for enhanced flexibility and convenience. This transition was underscored by the meticulous redevelopment of the tenant database, necessitating the acquisition of updated information from all occupants to support the advanced system requirements.

Moreover, the initiative aimed to democratize the tenant experience through do-it-yourself (DIY) interactions with the security system, empowering users with control and accessibility. This, coupled with the overhaul of the building’s navigational and operational efficiency, was designed to revolutionize how individuals interact with the space, optimizing movement within the building and across the complex at large.

Through strategic planning, innovative technology, and a dedicated focus on user experience, the project aspires not only to elevate the building’s status but also to set a new standard for modern, technology-enhanced commercial spaces.