July 23, 2021

BluPOINT Nano Readers + BluID Mobile Credentials = Touchless and Frictionless Experience

News | BluPOINT Nano Readers

The BluPOINT Nano Reader is the powerful mobile access module you can install in small spaces. It is engineered with a small form factor that can be embedded invisibly behind existing readers, inside elevators, turnstiles, kiosks, vending machines, copiers, and more. The Nano Reader installs in existing access locations in just minutes with a pre-existing power supply and cables to controller panels. It can be installed between existing readers and controllers so you can add mobile access while maintaining support for legacy cards. No changes to existing readers or controllers are required. The BluPOINT Nano Reader is accurate in crowded spaces and is designed to work in crowded areas with many signals such as office lobbies during rush hour without causing delays at entrance turnstiles

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