August 31, 2023

BluSKY Software Release August 2023 Has Launched

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The BluSKY Software Release for August 2023 is now live! Get ready to experience a range of amazing features and enhancements that will take your user experience to the next level. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s in store:

Interactive Maps – Beta:

Easily reset filters with the new Reset button.

Stay informed with a message when no events are available on the timeline.

Seamlessly close the calendar pop-up while other pop-ups are open.

View time zones on the Events timeline.

Zoom in with new gesture controls on the events timeline.


Manage “White Lists” effortlessly under Master Station Configuration.

Create and manage SIP Groups, add individuals to them.

Rename SIP Groups, add/remove people, and configure as needed.

Intercom Master (Beta):

Call one or multiple Master Stations through the “Master Station Group” SIP Group.

Initiate calls to all members of a SIP Group with “Multiple Mode.”

Access the new “Devices” tab on the Intercom Master page, showcasing the White Lists.

Beacons and Readers:

Easily identify associations in the Edit Beacons and Readers pages.

Beacons show their associated Reader, and vice versa.


Dive into the “Who’s in – Incremental by Facility” analytics chart.

Use filters like Include Visitors, Vendors, and Occupants in all “Who’s in” Analytics charts.

Leverage the new “Group” filter for enhanced insights.


Explore the brand-new “Dashboard Details,” “Saved Reports Details,” and “Recurring Reports Details” Reports.

Say hello to the “Expected Visitor/Vendor Report,” formerly known as the Expected Visitor Report.

Filter by “Vendor” type for tailored reports.

Simplified search and improved search text functionality for hassle-free report access.


Discover the Vehicle column in “Extended” and “All” view modes on the People list.

Effortlessly search vehicle license plates using the “Search text” filter.


Customize employee badges with pronouns added to the Badge Design.

Stay ahead of the curve with these incredible updates and enhancements. Log in now to explore the latest features and make the most out of your BluSKY experience! 

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