August 15, 2023

AI Controller – Beta Release!

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Introducing the AI Controller – Beta Release: Unveiling the Future of Security 

Embrace the evolution of security with the all-in-one solution that redefines Access, Video, and Analytics. Welcome to the era of Security 5.0!

Brace yourselves for a solution like never before. Powered by NVIDIA, the leading provider of AI hardware, our AI Controller goes beyond limits, combining Controller, NVR, Analytics, Alarms/Intrusion, Intercom, Two Button Elevator, Destination Dispatch Elevator, Visitor Management, Power Management, and AI into one cutting-edge IoT device.

 Embrace the power of AI and IoT, shaping a new era in security management. Stay ahead with advanced features that redefine the standards of safety.

Welcome to the next generation of security. Welcome to AI Controller.