August 31, 2023

Who’s In Analytics are now included with your BluSKY subscription

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“The number one question we get asked by property owners and managers is: How can we determine the return-to-office trend for both our buildings and each tenant within them? BluB0X has released a series of analytics to help you address these inquiries, including two new analytics: Check-in and Check-out. The best part is that these analytics are already included in your BluSKY subscription.”

With Who’s In Analytics, we’re bringing you the most anticipated analytics tool that provides valuable insights into building operations and trends associated with people returning to work. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to data-driven decisions! 

Here’s a glimpse of what Who’s In Analytics has in store for you:

Total Count: Get an accurate measure of the total number of occupants in your facility, giving you a clear picture of building utilization and capacity.

Total Count by Floor: Dive deeper into occupancy trends by floor, enabling you to identify areas with high or low usage and optimize resources accordingly.

Loading Analysis: Understand how your building “loads up” with people by measuring the rate of new arrivals per hour. This valuable metric correlates with the demand for services such as electricity, water, security, and more.

Trend Analysis: Stay informed about the trends associated with people returning to work. Who’s In Analytics provides reliable data and information, empowering you to make informed decisions and address the concerns of CRE investors.

Get ready to harness the power of Who’s In Analytics and gain a competitive edge in the market.