BluSKY’s Video, Voice, and Text Emergency Communication system represents the pinnacle of emergency communication technology. Combining state-of-the-art IoT, cloud integration, mobile accessibility, and advanced industry standards like SIP and cloud exchange, BluSKY delivers a robust, reliable, and intuitive solution for ensuring safety and security within elevator cabs and throughout buildings. Seamlessly integrated with BluB0X’s intercom solutions, it provides unmatched security and communication capabilities, making it an essential part of modern building infrastructure.

Key Features

  • Two-way Communication
  • Video Surveillance
  • Text Messaging
  • Real-time Monitoring and Analytics
  • Cloud Integration
  • Multilingual Support
  • Integration with Existing Security Systems
  • Mobile Device Compatibility
  • Recording and Data Storage
  • User-friendly Interface


Key Benefits

  • Enhanced Security: Integrated video and intercom systems provide comprehensive monitoring and quick response capabilities.
  • Immediate Assistance: Real-time two-way communication enables prompt help and guidance during emergencies.
  • Continuous Communication: Text messaging ensures contact even when voice communication isn’t possible.
  • Proactive Safety Management: Real-time monitoring and analytics detect and respond to emergencies instantly.
  • Flexible Access: Cloud integration allows emergency communication to be managed from anywhere.
  • Inclusive Communication: Multilingual support ensures effective communication for diverse populations.
  • Comprehensive Safety Network: Integration with existing systems enhances overall building security.
  • Always Accessible: Mobile compatibility ensures the system is always within reach.
  • Complete Record Keeping: Secure recording and storage provide a full record for post-event analysis.
  • Ease of Use: Intuitive interface ensures quick and effective operation during emergencies.


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