Destination Dispatch Elevator

At BluB0X, our integration of Destination Dispatch Elevators and advanced security systems reflects our commitment to delivering seamless, technology-driven service. Our unique approach combines multiple innovations into a cohesive, user-friendly experience, allowing tenants to enjoy ease and efficiency without worrying about the complexities behind the scenes.

Our goal with BluB0X and BluSKY is to encapsulate numerous innovations into a daily, impactful experience for every tenant and user. We are dedicated to providing an integrated, personalized service that pushes the boundaries of building management and security.

Using our DDE Person Reader on a turnstile or as a replacement for DDE keypads boosts elevator efficiency by 25% and reduces wait time by 10-15%, enhancing security and convenience. Book a demo or see it in action.

Selecting a “default” floor for every user in a destination dispatch system often results in errors 25% of the time. The BluB0X Destination Dispatch terminal learns each person’s floor, eliminates ghost calls, and maximizes efficiency. Preserve your destination dispatch investment and personalize vertical transportation. Contact BluB0X for your next upgrade or installation. Our terminals are compatible with all elevator manufacturers.

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