Open platform IP alarm hardware

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Alarm Management & Intrusion Detection Datasheet

  • Authentic Mercury open hardware platform
  • Plug and play IP alarm system
  • Available in kits, panels or single boards
  • Alarm inputs – increments of 16 up to 1,024 per chain
  • Alarm outputs – increments of 16 up to 1,024 per chain
  • Keypads for arming/disarming areas
  • Dialer integration – for dial-out to a monitoring center

Web-based control and monitoring of alarms from anywhere

  • Standard alarm administration
  • Notify, Acknowledge, Silence, Reset, Arm, Disarm, Shunt
  • Color coded and graphical alarm states
  • Alarm annunciation
  • User-defined alarm instructions
  • Predefined and text field operator responses
  • User defined define areas
  • User defined access egress paths
  • Programmable trigger responses to alarms

Multiple alarm types

  • BluCHIP hardware-based alarms
  • BluSKY software-based alarms
  • Third-party originated alarms

Never miss an alarm with multiple alarm notification methods

  • Real-time on-screen monitoring and control
  • Email and text (SMS) notification and response
  • Dial–out to a monitoring center
  • Alarm Notifications can be prioritized by name, color and sound


Mobile alarm notifications and response

  • Develop custom notifications that are sent to distribution groups based on alarm, time of day and priority
  • Receive alarm notifications on your mobile device as email, text or push notifications
  • Receive alarm information and video clips
  • Respond immediately from anywhere
  • Control any part of the system
  • Get additional information to make the most informed decisions rapidly
  • Collaborate on any alarm situation – “one version of the truth” instantly for everyone involved no matter where they are

Flexible alarm point and group control

  • Easily define alarm groups
  • Manage, control and monitor alarms by point or group

Alarm distribution lists and schedules

  • Establish alarm distribution groups
  • Schedule by time of day, type of alarm and alarm point location
  • Schedule alarm notification to include distribution groups

Unified access, video and visitor applications- everywhere

  • One database, one user experience, all Web-Cloud applications
  • Automatic association of access, video and visitor data with every alarm event
  • Integrated real-time control, monitoring and response
  • Graphical map and locations user interface

Alarm reporting and analytics

  • Report on alarms by time of day
  • Report on alarms by location
  • Report on repeat alarms
  • Provide alarm count analytics
  • Provide alarm pattern analysis
  • Provide unusual alarms
  • Provide alarm statistics

Mobile alarm keypad – your smartphone is your keypad

  • Full keypad functionality on your smartphone
  • Arm and disarm from outside the premises

Enterprise features

  • Global alarm management
  • Health and status dashboard
  • Facility database integration
  • CAD integration