Grow a strong and valuable business with PSaaS and Recurring Revenue

The security sector is currently facing significant challenges as a result of commoditization and the proliferation of global competition. Furthermore, clients have grown more discerning and have begun expecting higher levels of service and product quality. System integrators are grappling with a difficult conundrum: how can they remain competitive while also generating adequate revenue through initial sales and ongoing post-installation services? BluBØX and BluSKY provide a solution to this problem. Our Platform-as-a-Service, Software-as-a-Service and Recurring Revenue offerings provide mutually beneficial results for all stakeholders involved.

A Win-Win for Everyone.

  • Customers enjoy a lower upfront cost and total cost of ownership
  • System Integrators enjoy higher margin recurring revenue
  • Support contracts are included with every system
  • Software and hardware upgrades are automatic
  • Customers receive better and faster support
  • Customers get less product obsolescence and more innovation
  • There is less equipment, less to go wrong and fewer headaches
  • Customers remain customers for life

Differentiate yourself as a BØXER

Currently, there are four principal categories of systems available in the market. Most manufacturers fit into one or two of these classes. However, as a BØXER, you are in a league of your own – the Open-Cloud class. The distinguishing features of BluBØX in comparison to other solutions in the market is substantial, with a minimum of eight major distinctions. Having only one differentiator would be noteworthy, but being a BØXER means you possess eight. This sets you apart as a sales professional, providing you with a distinct narrative to present to potential customers. As a BØXER, you are able to offer a superior solution to clients, equipped with more functionality, more options, and a greater return on their security investment.

Differentiators Open HW & Cloud Proprietary HW & Cloud Open HW & Client Server Proprietary HW & Client-Server
Lower Upfront & Ongoing Costs
Yes Yes No No
All the Benefits of the Cloud
Yes Yes No No
True Mobile Security
Yes Partial No No
Open Hardware
Yes No Yes No
Person Reader
Yes No No No
Unified Everywhere
Yes Partial No No
Smart Systems
Yes No No No
PSaaS, Recurring Revenue
Yes Yes No No


Take a smarter approach to delivering security

Smart, Unified and Cloud-based systems are transforming the security industry.

Are you delivering “Security for the way we live?”

  • The security industry is continuously evolving but BluSKY is a step change; don’t get left behind
  • The next generation of security technology is here now; new architecture, new technology, new benefits
  • BluBØX has the products and services to help you successfully deliver BluSKY to your customers
  • Add the BluBØX BluSKY solution to your offering today
  • Exceptional Marketing

    Exceptional website content
    Marketing directly to end users
    Inbound Marketing
    Vertical specific marketing campaigns
    Social media & Blog
    Analytics & SEO
    Warm lead generation

  • Online Product Demos

    Demo anywhere, anytime with any device
    No computers or demo kits
    Vertical specific demos
    Access to operational equipment
    Access to 100% system functionality
    BluBØX team will support your demo

  • Differentiated Product

    Lower initial and ongoing costs
    Hosted security in the Cloud
    True mobile security
    Unified everywhere
    Multi-factor biometric person reader
    Open and standard
    Smart system
    PSaaS and RMR

  • Less Configuration

    System is already preconfigured
    Installation steps are automated
    Configure last minute changes from any device anytime and anywhere

  • Less Installation

    No onsite servers, PCs, storage or software
    Lower initial cost
    Less labor and fewer mistakes

  • Fast Commissioning

    One-person job with a mobile device
    Built-in automated test
    Built-in diagnostic tools

  • Intuitive and Automated

    Intuitive interface with on page help
    Same interface across applications and devices
    DIY video-based training
    Preconfigured holidays, schedules and systems
    Preconfigured email and text
    Automated reporting and analytics

  • Distributed Administration

    Centralized or decentralized admin
    Multi-site admin
    Multi-tenant admin
    Enroll, badge and report from anywhere
    Automated login and password distribution
    Simplified credential management

  • True Mobile Security

    100% system functionality on mobile
    Administer from any device, anywhere, any time
    Connect, control and respond faster

  • Software Upgrades

    Delivers better software more often
    Upgrades are automatic and seamless
    Four times more upgrades per year
    Quick bug fixes
    Firmware for local hardware automatically upgraded

  • Total Remote Support

    Two-times faster support
    One-half the support labor costs
    See what your customer sees
    Diagnose any problem from any location
    DIY online user guide and knowledge base
    Only one version of software to support
    Unified manufacturer support

  • Hardware Upgrades

    Replaces equipment on a fixed schedule
    Old equipment is replaced with new
    Built into maintenance agreement
    Eliminates product obsolescence
    Maintains customer satisfaction
    Fifteen percent reduction in service calls

BluBØX has easy-to-understand pricing

BluBØX pricing is easy to understand and easy to explain – just like our products. Our software is all annual subscription based and includes software support and automatic upgrades – eliminating hassles with number of concurrent users, license keys, software support contracts and risky upgrades. Our hardware is available as individual components or packaged into BluBØX enclosure kits with optional integrated power.

Software (annual subscription) 

  • BluSKY Platform License – per person
  • Card Reader License – per card reader
  • Person Reader License – per person reader
  • Alarm Point License – per alarm point
  • Camera License – per camera
  • Visitor License – per person
  • Destination Dispatch License – per elevator


  • 1, 2, 4, 8, 12, 16 Portal Kits
  • Elevator and Alarm Expansion Kits
  • Mercury Boards including M5 Bridge
  • Person Readers
  • Destination Dispatch Processors
  • Video Processors
  • Power Controllers



Explore the BluBØX Partner Programs

The BluBØX Partner Programs are built on trust, loyalty and demonstrated success. They are designed to certify our partners and then acknowledge their achievements at various levels of success. We provide our partners with all the support they need to be successful and encourage them to continuously grow and develop as part of the BØXER community. Do you have what it takes to be a BØXER?

Certification Training Marketing Services
BluBØX Certified
Technical and Sales staff completed Mercury and BluBØX training Lead Generation, Deal Registration and Protection Online Service Requests, +All Benefits from Mercury Certified
BluBØX Premiere
Technical and Sales staff completed Mercury and BluBØX training Case Studies on BluB0X Website, Eligible for Annual Partner Awards, +All Benefits from BluBØX Certified Periodic Free Professional Services, +All Benefits from BluBØX Certified
BluBØX Elite
Technical and Sales staff completed Mercury and BluBØX training Social Media Support, Co-Marketing, Events Support, +All Benefits from Premiere  Integrator Council Membership, Dedicated Support, +All Benefits from Premium