BluSKY architecture is the key

BluBØX has several key differentiators that set us apart from our competition. Our key differentiators are derived from our enterprise Cloud-Mobile architecture. Without changing to BluSKY Architecture it is impossible to achieve our capabilities.

  • Physical Security as a Service

    Lower total cost of ownership
    Support contracts included
    Automatic upgrades
    Better and faster support
    Emphasis is on service
    Easier to budget
    Happier customers

  • Lower Up Front & Ongoing Costs

    Lower initial cost
    No onsite servers, PCs, storage and software
    Less installation and maintenance
    Reduced administration
    Fewer truck rolls
    Pay only for what is used

  • True Cloud Protected by Microsoft Cloud Services

    Hosted & Protected by Microsoft Azure
    Do more with Cloud architecture
    Own less of everything
    Secure your data
    Protect yourself against disaster
    Operate efficiently

  • Automatic Software Upgrades

    Get better software, automatically
    Always run the best software available
    Better support
    Faster feature enhancements
    Quick bug fixes
    Minimize installation and security risks

  • True Mobile Security - Mobile 1st & Responsive

    100% system functionality on any device & any browser
    No apps to install, no software to manage
    Responsive design
    Untethered capabilities
    Be notified and respond from anywhere

  • Real Time Control, Status & Events from Anywhere

    Real time control & status of portals, floors, video, alarms, keypads, visitors, and power
    Real time events- readers, alarms, video, visitors, photo-ID, operator, system
    View multiple systems and facilities simultaneously

  • Person Reader & Integrated Biometric Security

    Biometric identifications
    Does not require cards
    More secure
    More convenient
    More capable
    Tenant & facility friendly

  • Unified Access, Alarms, Video & Visitors

    Unified everywhere
    One common database
    One simple Web user interface
    One clock for all events
    End-to-end Security
    One user experience

  • Reduced On Premise Hardware & Software

    No servers, NVRs, PCs, Storage, UPSs, or software to install or maintain
    Access to cloud and devices through any web browser
    One cloud hosts unified applications of PACS, CCTV, Alarms, Elevators, and Visitor Management

  • Cross-System, Multi-Site, Partitioned Architechture

    Define unlimited customers
    Configure, commission and control customers from a single interface
    Connect to every customer site at every moment
    Manage an unlimited number of systems
    Systems can be standalone or grouped together

  • Freedom of Use & Enterprise for Everyone

    Unlimited users
    No licenses key hassles
    No software packages
    Unlimited access and simultaneous connections
    Multiple simultaneous connections of the same user

  • DIY Security & Reduced Administration

    Distributed security administration
    Manage your access, visitors, photos, credentials, & reporting
    One set of credentials for everywhere
    Share data between systems
    Self-administer tasks
    Quicker response & no waiting for confirmation

  • Open Hardware & Open Restful API

    Freedom of choice
    Non-proprietary hardware and open software
    Industry standards and compatible
    A future-proof investment
    Tried and true
    Connects to everything

  • Destination Dispatch Elevator Security

    DDS integration with all manufacturers
    Unified interface with real time control
    Access Control integration
    Elevator security with floor ID
    Control by floor or car
    Rapid guest credential integration

  • Out-of-the-BØX Advanced Notifications

    Out-of-the-BØX Communications
    Onscreen notifications
    Email notifications
    SMS Notifications
    Central station

  • One Common Reporting Engine

    Predefined reports
    User defined and saved reports
    One synchronized clock across all event types
    Automated report subscriptions

  • Analytics, Rules & Intelligence

    Intelligent analytics
    Situational awareness
    Rule-based decisions
    Self-learning adaptation
    Automated consistency
    BluBØX Artificial Intelligence

  • Virtual-Remote Commissioning

    Remotely configure databases and systems
    One-person commission and test
    Diagnose problems from anywhere

  • Remote Power Control & Management

    System Health, Power Output Condition, Battery Activity, and Power History
    Control locks, reboot cameras, or perform other reset functions
    Facilitates scheduled or manual battery checks

  • Simplified & Remote Support from Anywhere

    Virtual card swipe
    Knowledge Base
    Health & status monitoring
    Automatic software updates
    One single version for all