What’s in a Name?

You may wonder where BluBØX, a cloud and AI innovation company, got its origins. The story is as fascinating as the technology they develop. On a pivotal day, Patrick Barry and his team found themselves at a crossroads when they were laid off from their previous positions. As they packed up their belongings, Patrick was handed a bunch of blue boxes. The vibrant quality of the color struck a chord with him, transforming these containers into symbols of both an end and a new beginning. He decided to keep these boxes, seeing them not as remnants of the past but as beacons for an exciting, undefined future.

This event marked the inception of an idea. The team, fueled by a shared vision of creating something unprecedented, reconvened with a renewed sense of purpose. They were driven by the desire to innovate and disrupt the industry with a fresh, outside-the-box concept. As they brainstormed names for their new venture, Patrick’s gaze landed on the very blue boxes that had sparked this journey. In that moment, the future company’s name became clear – BluBOX.

But there was one final twist to make. In a homage to their roots in the security industry and to signify a departure from the conventional, the “O” in BluBØX was replaced with a “Ø”. This subtle change was more than aesthetic; it symbolized the unique approach and innovative spirit that would define BluBØX. And so, from the remnants of a challenging day, BluBØX emerged, ready to redefine the landscape of security.

BluBØX Senior Management Team


BluBØX has been fifteen years in the making by a senior management team that built and brought to market the industry’s first successful cloud-based security system in 2000. Their Cloud domain-experience is unmatched in the industry. It extends from small systems to the largest security systems in the world. Their experience as both a manufacturer and integrator encompasses a deep understanding of the practical needs of Integrators, Consultants and End Users.

To complement this, BluBØX has added deep experience in building advanced detection, classification, and recognition systems for our game-changing biometric solutions. BluBØX is Act Two of their journey, building upon lessons learned and new disruptive technology, leading the way with BluSKY Architecture and the next fifteen year cycle of security technology and solutions.

The BluBØX Difference



Fundamentally Better Architecture

  • Cloud, web and internet-based
  • Mobile, wireless and always connected
  • Biometric and secure
  • Unified everywhere
  • Open, standard and future-proof
  • Automated and smart


A Different Kind of Company

  • A virtualized infrastructure
  • Owned by its workers
  • Building different and innovative products
  • Operating with integrated systems
  • Delivering Customer First service
  • Focused on providing ongoing return of value


A Different Approach

  • Re-Imagine security
  • Build something that has never existed before
  • Provide security, not complexity
  • Take a people-centric approach
  • Focus on doing one thing really well
  • Provide security that is rock solid and cloud soft
  • Provide software that requires one less click
  • Provide a “try before you buy” product

Better Results

  • Do more, own less, protect yourself
  • Use any device, any where, any time
  • No cards, more convenient, more secure
  • One database, one user-interface, all web-based
  • Freedom of choice, industry standard, future-proof
  • Automated, intelligent, self-learning


This Changes Everything… Again

  • Lower Initial and Ongoing Costs
  • Recurring Revenue Business Model
  • Hosted Security in the Cloud
  • True Mobile Security
  • Multi-Factor Biometric Security – The Person Reader
  • Unified Everywhere
  • Open Standards
  • Smart Systems


Become a BOXER. For All the Right Reasons.



We make great things because we have great people that contribute to BluBØX. Its that simple. People that contribute to BluBØX do so for all the right reasons and our products and services reflect that at every turn. People that partner with us or buy our products and services also do so for all the right reasons. So what are you waiting for? Become a BØXER. Join the future. And join the fun!